Our Company

Steroid is an API manufacturing company founded soon after the end of the Second World War by Dr. Domenico Fracassi, one of the first Italian pioneers of chemistry manufacture applied to the pharmaceutical field. This heritage gives Steroid the pride to be one of the oldest ever private-owned steroids’ manufacturing companies. Steroid since the beginning has focused its core activities in the synthesis of steroid esters, with the aim to supply always high grade APIs both for human and for veterinary use. With over 15tons installed capacity increased by the installation of an additional production line FDA approvable, Steroid is a worldwide known leading manufacturer of steroids such as Corticosteroids, Progestinics, Hormones, Anabolics and Estrogens. Steroid export its APIs all over the five continents since it was established in the far ‘50’s, meaning that its presence, out of being very well established all over the globe, is also a guarantee of long lasting business.

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